Are Watches Obsolete? Or Still Relevant In 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

In this modern age, people think that watches are becoming obsolete. We’ve almost everything at our fingertips. The staggering inventions made our lives very easy. In this case, we’ve not needed to wear watches on our wrists.

But in this tech era, the purpose of watches has changed. Now people wear it as a fashion rather than as a time-telling device. We wear them to glorify our personality and outfit. So, watches are still relevant in this 21st century.

Are Watches obsolete?

Are watches obsolete? This is a very common question in every modern person’s mind. A majority of people think that now watches are optional in this modern era. They are fine on their own.

A wristwatch reminds us that time is fleeting and that we should make the most of every moment.

But on the other hand, a majority of people also like to wear wristwatches. Whether to wear a watch or not is entirely up to you, but the reality is that watches are not obsolete in this modern age. 

Why Wear Watches? 7+ Reasons

There’re some great reasons to wear a wristwatch.

Why Wear Watches?
Why Wear Watches? 7+ Reasons
  • Good in interviews.
  • Useful while driving.
  • More functional.
  • More convenient. 
  • You feel more punctual.
  • Allowed in exams.
  • Increase your dignity
  • Reliable.

Pros & Cons


  • Practical for keeping track of time.
  • It’s fashionable and matches your style.
  • It’s a status symbol.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Versatile for different occasions and outfits.


  • Can be expensive.

The Purpose of a Wristwatch is Changed

Keeping track of time is easier than it’s in the 19th century. Now we’ve many clocks in our homes, in our kitchens, in our cars, and even in our pockets. In this modernism, we get everything easily without any further struggle.

Nowadays, watches are used as fashion accessories and status symbols, not just as telling-time devices. In addition, wristwatches are often used as a means of personal expression, with a wide range of styles and designs available to suit individual tastes and preferences. 

Despite the changes in their purpose, wristwatches remain an essential and integral part of daily life for many people worldwide. As I mentioned, they use them for more than just tracking the time.

Do People Still Wear Watches?

Do People Still Wear Watches?
Do People Still Wear Watches?

Yes, people still wear watches, and watches are not obsolete. A lot of professionals, CEOs, and also celebrities wear watches. Watches are the main part of their outfit and especially their personalities.

Watches, which come in a wide range of styles, designs, and colors, are a necessary part of one’s personality. People choose watches according to their dress to look gorgeous. Wearing watches makes people more confident, trustworthy, booming, and also authoritative.

Can Phones Make Watches Obsolete? Watch VS Phone 

Can phones make watches obsolete? This is a very common question these days. The easiest answer is no. Smartphones may not make watches obsolete because they’ve their own importance in our lives

Let’s compare some features of mobile and wristwatches.

Fitness TrackingGood (Some Models)Excellent
More FeaturesFairGood

Both have pros and cons, but smartphones can’t make watches obsolete in this modern era. Jump on the bandwagon watches are used as fashion pieces and to show punctuality and seriousness.

Benefits of Watches over Smartphones

Here are some benefits of watches over smartphones:

Benefits of Watches Over Smartphones
Benefits of Watches Over Smartphones

Timekeeping Accuracy

 Watches are designed specifically for keeping track of time and are generally very accurate. In contrast, smartphones are primarily designed for something other than timekeeping.


Watches are generally more convenient than smartphones, as they are small and lightweight and can be worn on the wrist. This makes them easier to carry around and access than a smartphone, which may be larger and require a bag or pocket.


Watches are generally more durable than smartphones, as they are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Many watches are also water-resistant, which can be useful in outdoor or wet environments. In contrast, smartphones are more delicate and may be damaged by water or other environmental factors.


Watches offer a wide range of customization options, with various styles, materials, and features available to suit individual tastes. Smartphones, on the other hand, generally have limited customization options.


Watches can be fashionable accessories and can be chosen to match an outfit or personal style. On the other hand, smartphones may not be as fashionable and may not coordinate with an outfit.

The Rise of The Smart Watch

The Rise of The Smart Watch
The Rise of The Smart Watch

In the modern era, watches decided to change according to technology, and now smartwatches are available in our society. This change made wristwatches more feature-able and modern. These watches have more features than mechanical, quartz, and automatic watches.

Smartwatches appeared at the beginning of the 2010s. This is a combination of smartphones and wristwatches. These have a lot of features like calling, messaging, touch screen, video camera, tracker, and many features like smartphones.

Now available versions of smartwatches are far better than early smartwatches. These have a lot of features and are cheaper than earlier. Smartwatches, very popular today, changed wristwatches into mini smartphones. 


Many different types of people still wear watches, including professionals, celebrities, and individuals who value the convenience, fashion, and personal expression that wristwatches offer.

Watches are often worn as a practical way to keep track of time, as a fashionable accessory to match personal style, and as a status symbol. While the popularity of watches may vary somewhat depending on the specific individual and their lifestyle, watches remain a relevant and valued accessory for many people in the modern world.

The currently trending watch types vary depending on factors such as fashion trends, personal style, and functional needs. Some popular types of watches include smartwatches, minimalist, sports, and vintage-inspired watches.

In addition, watches with unique and exciting features, such as those with multiple time zones or those designed for outdoor use, are also often in demand. Ultimately, the type of watch that is trending will depend on the specific interests and preferences of the individual consumer. 

Yes, people still wear watches in 2023. While smartphones and other technological devices may make tracking time easier, watches remain popular as fashion accessories and status symbols.  

Final Words

Watches are not obsolete in the modern age, even though technology has advanced significantly in recent years. While smartphones and other devices may make tracking time easier, watches remain popular as fashion accessories and status symbols.

In addition, watches are often used for personal expression and can be an important part of daily life for many people worldwide. While the purpose of wristwatches has changed over time, they are still valuable and relevant accessories in the 21st century.

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