Automatic Watch Keeps Stopping – 9 Reasons

I know how frustrating and sad the moment when your beloved automatic watch is stopped. The solution, depending on the problem, of your watch may be simple and may be complex.

9 Reasons Why Automatic Watch Keeps Stopping?

automatic watch keeps stopping
Why Automatic watch keeps stopping? 9 Reasons

An automatic watch is a timepiece that automatically winds and works the movement without manual resetting. This is a prevalent option among those looking for a simple, reliable watch that doesn’t require much attention.

You can handle some problems alone at home without any cost, but certainly require visiting a shop. So, follow these following solutions carefully to recover your bestie (its working condition).

8 Common Problems With Automatic Watch And How To Solve It

Reason 1

Not Enough Power

Slight movements are enough to wind the automatic watches fully. But sometimes, these slight moments are not enough to rotate the rotor. 


There are mainly 2 solutions. So, apply them carefully.

  • Wind it yourself.
  • Wear it while jogging or during exercise. (but do it carefully; this might cause some scratches on your pretty watch)

Reason 2

Magnetic Field

Sometimes your watch get contact with magnetic fields. That effect its inner component of it. Your watch, in severe cases, might stop working.


  • In this situation, you need to visit a nearby watchmaker’s shop.

Reason 3

Stop Working After Dropping

There’re a lot of small parts that work seamlessly inside an automatic watch. A sudden hit (dropping) may dislocate them or, in a worse case, damage them severely. 


  • Only one solution is to take it to a professional watchmaker.

Reason 4


As we know, temperature also affects metals. The inner part of your watch may be affected by temperature. They might be extended at high temperatures, and at low temperatures, they might be shrunk.


  • In this scenario, you need to visit the shopkeeper. 

Reason 5

Loose Screw

If you play games like golf or snooker, these might be why you lose the screw of your watch. This loose screw also interrupts the working of inner components. This is the reason why automatic watches keep stopping.  


  • Tight the loose screw by yourself. Or visit the shopkeeper.

Reason 6

Broken Mainspring

Nature also affects the materials, but the automatic watch has a mechanism to prevent it as possible. But occasionally mainspring will damage or break over time. This majorly affects your watch’s working because the mainspring is a vital component in every watch.


  • Visit a professional shopkeeper.

Reason 7

Wrong Winding

As I told you above, wind your watch very carefully. Because winding too much also damage the rotor. This damage leads the watch to severe problems. So, whenever you wind your watch, please put your full consideration on it.


  • Be careful.

Reason 8


Just like a human being needs cleanliness, a machine also needs it. So, it’s your responsibility to take care of your timepiece. If you don’t take care of it, then the dirt will damage its inner part. And these things lead your precious gadget to a worse condition.


  • Maintain it time by time or clean it daily.

Reason 9


Usually, automatic watches are water resistant, but they cannot resist water in some conditions. The passage of time or your careless behavior with your watch damage the resistant seal. 

The water gets in your gadget whenever you play in the water or in rainy weather. This thing is very dreadful for your watch. It can also create rust which can completely ruin it. And this situation can’t be handled by yourself.


  • Go to the expert shopkeeper or replace your watch.

Tips To Keep Automatic Watch Working

Tips To Keep Automatic Watch Working
Tips To Keep Automatic Watch Working

There are a few tips that you can follow to keep your automatic watch from stopping:

1- Ensure that your movement is functioning correctly

A broken movement will cause an automatic watch to stop winding and working correctly. So, make sure to get it serviced at least once every 1 year (personal experience for long performance).

2-  Keep your hands clean

Worn-out hands can also contribute to an automatic watch not winding correctly. Please make sure they’re clean every time you take your watch off for wear.

3- Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance can keep your automatic watch working correctly; as I mentioned before, you must visit the shopkeeper at least once a year for a maintenance check-up.


The most common is if the watch has not had enough power, but if the watch isn’t being worn or used, it can also be caused by a broken winding mechanism, movement, or exposure to harsh chemicals or weather conditions. Consult a professional if you’re having trouble with your watch and don’t know how to fix it.

Here are a few steps you can take to try and fix an automatic watch that is having trouble working:

  • Remove the battery and watch movement and clean them with a cloth or brush
  • If the watch movement is stuck, use a small screwdriver to pry it off
  • Check if the gears are correctly lubricated
  • Replace the battery if needed and put everything back together
  • Check for any debris that may be blocking the gears or moving parts

Not enough power, magnetic effect, loose screw, or broken mainspring are the different reasons why automatic watches are not working. 

To reach maximum power, wind the crown 30 to 40 times. (May vary)

Final Words

Now you know the 9 possible reasons why an automatic watch keeps stopping. If your automatic watch is stopping, you can do a few things to try to fix it yourself. It’s always best to consult a proficient (recommended) If you don’t have experience or proper tools.

I hope this article satisfied you on “Automatic Watch Keeps Stopping“.

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